Aims of the site

The aim of this website is to provide a brief,  accessible and yet comprehensive introduction to the Participatory Economics model to anyone interested exploring a desirable and viable alternative to our current economic system. The hope is that readers will go on to explore the model in greater detail via resources in the links page.

The Team

The website was put together by a small international group of participatory economics advocates from Germany, Sweden and the UK. Each team member brought varying skills and experience into the project, including writing, illustration, website design and web development. You can read profiles of the team members below.

The Story

Being located in different countries was a challenge for the team. However, technologies such as video conferencing allowed us to have regular online meetings,  where we discussed the content, made decisions and allocated tasks. We would like to thank a group of advisers who provided feedback on the content along the way. The site was launched on the 25th August 2014.

Plans for the Future

The current content will be updated and new articles and illustrations will be added over time. Please send us any feedback or suggestions for improvements you have on the site. Team members will be working hard in their local PE advocacy groups and supporting efforts in the creation of new groups around the world.

Content on the site

The presentation of the participatory economics model on this website is in full the result of the project team’s independent choices and considerations. Though feedback and comments have been provided by a number of advisors the final decisions about content and focus have been made by the team itself without exception. We have been careful not to say anything about the model that cannot be traced back to texts authored by the founders of the model, or in some rare case to email conversations. However, in the unlikely event that there should be any inaccuracies in the presentation the responsibility is all ours.


Chris Chrysostomou

Chris is a graphic designer who lives and works in London, UK. He is a co-founder of Participatory Economics UK, a group committed to the education of PE to the general public. He is a long time supporter of PE and is also involved in many other projects that revolve around improving peoples lives.


Jason Chrysostomou

Jason is a web designer living in London. He is currently working in a number of digital projects with social justice goals. He has been involved in various organisations around the Participatory Economics model since 2003. Most recently, he is a co-founder of Participatory Economics UK, an advocacy group based in the UK.


Anders Sandstrom

Anders is a trained accountant and currently works at SAAK, the unemployment office founded by the Swedish syndicalist union SAC. He is the co-founder of Parecon Sverige, a participatory economics advocacy group in Sweden. Anders has been an active advocate for participatory economics since 2010 and a supporter of the model since 2003.


Florian Zollman

Florian is a lecturer in Media and Journalism at Liverpool Hope University. He is a co-founder of Participatory Economics UK and has written extensively on propaganda in the media.