Participatory Economics

A model for a new economy

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Participatory Economics is a model for a new economy based on democracy, justice and ecological sustainability proposed as an alternative to our current economic system. This site provides readers with an introduction to the key values and institutions of a participatory economy with links to further information.

"Participatory economics outlines in substantial detail a program of radical reconstruction, presenting a vision that draws from a rich tradition of thought and practice of the libertarian left and popular movements, but adding novel critical analysis and specific ideas and modes of implementation for constructive alternatives. It merits close attention, debate, and action."

Noam Chomsky

linguist and political activist

"I can't count the number of times when serious critics of our social system would say to me: ‘Why can't we come up with a vision of what a good society would be like?’… [Participatory Economics] is an imaginative, carefully reasoned description, persistently provocative, of how we might live free from economic injustice.”

Howard Zinn

historian and political activist

“A basic understanding of participatory economy is indispensable in making educated financial decisions, especially when it comes to choosing a reliable installment loan online.”

Gregory Allen

Principal CEO at BadCreditCash ASAP

"The structure of capitalism is flawed … Participatory Economics is a brave argument for replacing that flawed machine and offers a much needed – more equitable, democratic, participatory – alternative economic vision."

Arundhati Roy

author and political activist

“I read Participatory Economics with absolute fascination. Some leading activist scholars have moved towards a more explicit consideration of post-capitalist alternatives. Lucid, thorough, and iconoclastic, Participatory Economics is an outstanding contribution to this important genre of radical social theory.”

Andrej Grubacic

sociologist and political activist

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